VRL Tennis Courts

We have two Tennis Courts available to residents. It is located conveniently across from the community clubhouse with secure access.

Tennis Court Rules

  1. Hours of Operation: 7:00 a.m. to dusk

  2. Players: Tennis courts are for the exclusive use of residents of Villages at Rippon Landing Homeowners Association and Powell’s Run Condominium Association, their immediate family and guests. Players must provide proof of residency (e.g. driver’s license) at the request of any officer of the Board of Directors or Management staff.

  3. Guests: Any player may extend the use of the courts to no more than three (3) guests, but must be present on the same court while such guests are playing.

  4. Time Limit: Singles and doubles play is limited to one hour if other persons are waiting to use the court. Play will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Daily reservations sheets may be located at the courts or at the clubhouse, if necessary. Phone numbers must be listed with name on sign-up sheets.

  5. Attire: Tennis shoes are mandatory. Hard sole shoes and black-bottom tennis shoes are prohibited due to potential court damage.

  6. Decorum: The courts may not be used for skateboarding, roller-skating, bicycling, or other non-tennis activity. Offensive language, loud talking or shouting, hitting balls against the fence on purpose, loud playing of radios and any other activity that is annoying to other players is prohibited. Property damage caused by a resident or his/her family or guest will be charged to the registered lot owner. Pets, glass containers, alcohol or smoking are not permitted inside the fenced area of the tennis courts at any time.

  7. Cleanliness: For safety of all players, the courts must be kept dry and free of all foreign objects. Players will be responsible for cleaning up tennis courts and proper disposal of trash and other foreign objects upon departure and/or termination of play.

  8. Access: A tennis court key may be purchased from the on-site manager at the clubhouse. The fee for a tennis court shall be $10 (check payable to Villages at Rippon Landing, no cash.) Upon moving from the Association, you may return the key to receive a $10 refund. A signed statement affirming a review of the Villages at Rippon Landing Homeowners Association Tennis Court Rules and agreement to abide by such rules shall be required to obtain a key.

  9. Safety: All persons who obtain and otherwise use the Villages at Rippon Landing Homeowners Association tennis courts are required to carefully inspect the tennis court before beginning play and to report any unsafe condition immediately, e.g. safety issues, equipment concerns, security, unsafe play and/or improper usage of the tennis courts. These should be reported to the management staff at (703) 803-9641. If pre-use inspection by players (or persons) finds any unsafe condition, players may not utilize the facility.

  10. Players should leave the tennis courts during lightening or thunderstorms or any other climatic conditions that may endanger players.

  11. All laws and regulations must be complied with, including any Prince William County Codes. Violation of any portion of these rules may result in termination of tennis court facility privileges upon review by the Board of Directors.

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